“I am always, and in all ways, greater than I think I am”,

Bruce D Schneider


I was born in Germany and spent my childhood in Ukraine. It was very happy years with a lot of joy and love. And what is interesting that now I realized it is also was the time when my spiritual education started in a sport school with our very special trainer. It looks now like it was meant to be!

When I was 17, I moved to Moscow for study in Moscow University of Civilian Aviation. It was 5 years of learning mathematics, enjoying the special friendly atmosphere of the university, having a lot of fun. I was very proud to graduate it as mathematics engineer with honor degree.

My career started as part time sales managers and developed to the project manager. Having the good skills of the time management and the project management, always helps me to organize my life and reach my targets.

I have been always focused on developing myself professionally and personally, so I started the business education in Kingston University in 2011 and successfully graduated specialization Strategy in 2013.  It was very special time to come back to the academic environment, to meet so many interesting people, to make new friends! Unforgettable experience!

At this time I did a lot of personal training, meditations, yoga, dancing. I tried tantra, mandala dancing and fell in love with it. It was mind opener to know about energies (chakras), to feel my own energy, to be able to feel other people energies, to be more conscious in life and realize how it is connected to our feeling of happiness and fulfilment if life. During my journey I met the trainers who influenced my life a lot: Sergey Knyazev, Natalia Ilushko, Mila Tumanova.  

It helps me to find my own direction, my own passion and brought me the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). The key reason why I chose this school for my education is that the coaching methodology is based on the ENERGY as well.

Currently I live in the Netherlands where I moved in 2017 because of Love of my life 😊 My true values are my family and my friends. Spending time with my husband, being with my family makes me so much happy.

I love active lifestyle, running and doing yoga. 

I like beauty, design, fashion and beautiful women 😊 And yes, I believe that all women are beautiful 😊


In my first marriage I was focused on my career and dedicated all my energy to work. My first family started quite at early age and it happened so naturally that I was not able to see the value of it yet. I believed that in order to be happy in life we should be successful professionally, reach our targets of becoming leaders, top managers and so on. Surely this approach influenced my life and my marriage. It brought up a lot of questions to me as I felt confused who I was in life an what I valued. I questioned myself who I was and what I wanted in life, in my relationship and career.

During this time I was in a major car accident what was very shocking for me. I realized how fragile the life is and that it can stop any time. It made me to take essential decisions which led to significant changes in my life. I got divorced, I started my business education and later I did a lot of personal development trainings like tantra, yoga, meditation dancing.

I became a part of a very supportive women community where we danced, meditated, did breathing exercises, cry and laugh together. I have been surrounded by like-minded people and my life has changed importantly.  Naturally I changed my eating habits to much healthier. The needs in drinking alcohol and eating red meat just disappeared.  Who could believe it knowing that before a glass of red wine with a piece of steak was in my favorites?

These 7 years journey helped me to realize what my real values are, who I am and what I am passionate in life. It brought me to the study at a coaching school and the idea to open up my own coaching and seminar company. My intention is to help women just like myself who questioning the part of their lives with their relationship or career, or maybe even deeper as who they are and helping them to create more clarity and awareness, to find out their right direction to moving forward.