Success stories

I am happy to share my recent experience with Olga as my life coach

She is a blessing to me. I never had a life coach before, but it was in my mind for a long time. As soon as I joined the group, I saw her post offering to try out a session. I didn’t hesitate and took my chance. When I met her I was full of ideas and inspiration, but I didn’t know how and where to start. Meeting Olga changed that. We had a very warm connection from the beginning. She is a great and smart listener who picks up on the smallest details of my story and asks the right questions to give me direction. She is also a great motivator and helps me set achievable goals for each session. I am especially grateful for how she motivated me to get started on a portfolio displaying my home design work. Presenting it to her was incredibly rewarding, not because I met my goal for that week, but because her response was just so warm and honest. I am so happy that I tried the free session with Olga, and that she still is my coach today. For those of you who feel stuck, maybe because you are trying to find your way in a foreign country, I recommend trying a session with Olga, because for me it was life changing!🙏

Beti Abate van Kemenade

Olga helps me to understand myself better and get more clarity about what stopping me on the way to my goal. She helped me to find answers and solutions by asking loaded questions.

The second important thing for me that she helps me to understand the priorities and helps to develop a schedule which matches my goals and values. I came up with new ideas of delegation and partnership to keep myself accountable to continue working on my goal.

She has a project manager background what also helps to plan the time to follow up the tasks implementation on weekly basis and find the right tools and strategies for reaching my goals.

Nariman Aga-Tagiyev

I had the honor and pleasure of coaching with Olga Kulikova last year. She is a very healing coach just by the energy she has. She is very loving, calm, peaceful and always remembers the coaching session is about you and your needs. She asks the best, open-ended questions that really get you thinking and tapping into your intuition leading you to your answers. I highly recommend Olga Kulikova because she cares for your best interest and wants you to succeed.

She is a highly trained coach and knows her stuff! She also has a great laugh and makes you feel very safe to coach with her. Coaching is fun with Olga Kulikova, reflective, and powerful. I loved coaching with Olga and if you’re looking for a good coach, she’s worth the investment! Thank you Olga Kulikova

Laurie A. Santos

Olga participated in one of my Personal Leadership Programs. In our follow-up session Olga shared that she is also a certified coach now. When I heard about an Energy Leadership Assessment my curiosity was triggered.
In the session in which we discussed the outcome of the assessment I was impressed by the knowledge of Olga about this specific topic. She was extremely well prepared and her approach was calm and concise. All in all it was an joyful and inspiring experience 😉. Thanks again Olga!

Olaf Buys