Get a 7-step guide that helps you discover what inspires you and make long-awaited meaningful changes.
Lacking belief in your ability to live life to the fullest, embracing joy and fulfillment in what you do
Having a dream project but facing the obstacles that prevent you from progressing
Feeling uncertain about your life's purpose and what truly brings you energy and joy
Feeling lost, stuck, and craving change, but unsure of how to begin or where to start
Feeling confused about my own identity, values and strengths
Having plenty of ideas but struggling to select the right one and take that first step
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A guided meditation for deep relaxation, restful sleep and energy renewal.
A guided meditation for self-esteem, embracing uniqueness, and believing in yourself.
Get a 7-step guide that helps you discover what inspires
you and make long-awaited meaningful changes.
In this guide, I provide practical steps based on my personal experience and knowledge that have led me to positive life changes!

I sincerely hope it will assist you in uncovering your passions and take those first exciting steps towards meaningful changes!
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Meditation for Enhancing Self-Esteem or My Declaration of Self-Esteem - "I Am Me"
Author: Virginia Satir, psychologist, psychotherapist.

The meditation has been recorded in my voice with love and utmost care for your well-being.

Recommendations for Use:
  • It is recommended to listen to the meditation based on your own feelings and whenever you feel inclined to do so. It is important to find a quiet and secluded place where you won't be interrupted.
  • After the meditation, allow yourself approximately 10 minutes of rest before resuming your activities.
Please provide the required information to proceed.
Please avoid using this meditation while driving, cycling, engaging in active tasks, in public places or during situations that require your full attention.
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Meditation for deep relaxation and restful sleep.
Author: Anastasia Mikheeva, sexologist.

The meditation has been recorded in my voice with love and utmost care for your well-being.

Recommendations for Use:
  • It is recommended to listen to the meditation before sleep. Find a secluded place for yourself where no one can disturb you.
  • After the meditation, it's best to go to sleep right away.
Please provide the required information to proceed.
Please avoid using this meditation while driving, cycling, engaging in active tasks, in public places or during situations that require your full attention.
Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that's who you want to be. The choice is yours!
Energy Assessment
Сustomized program
The program consists of 10 one-hour sessions. We'll meet once a week or every two weeks, depending on your needs and pace. On average, the program lasts for about 3-4 months.

Throughout the program, our focus will be on addressing your specific needs and achieving your goals. We'll start by helping you establish a deeper connection with yourself and gaining clarity on your desires and inspiration.
We'll also work on overcoming any obstacles that may be holding you back, providing structure and guidance along the way. Through this process, your energy levels will naturally increase.

At the end of each session, you'll set goals for the upcoming week. I'll be available for ongoing support, promptly addressing any questions or challenges you may encounter.

Together, we'll navigate this journey, ensuring your progress and success.
Personalized program
Based on the online assessment results, you'll receive a comprehensive report on your current energy level. We'll then have a 2-hour debrief session together.

By the end of the session, you'll gain greater clarity on how various energies manifest in your life and the lenses through which you perceive different situations. We'll explore and discuss any potential blocks that might be impacting your ability to fully embrace a fulfilling and inspiring life.

This process will help you become more self-aware and engaged, enabling you to boost your energy, while reducing stress levels. It empowers you to live life to the fullest and pursue what truly inspires you.
Energy Assessment
In this 1.5-hour session, we'll dive into a specific area of your choice. It could be exploring your current situation, uncovering your values and strengths, or any other topic that's important to you. The session is completely personalized to meet your needs and desired outcome.

By the end of the session, you'll gain clarity about your chosen topic, feel more energized, inspired and confident about the way forward. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and leave with a clear action plan to achieve your goals.
  • iPEC Coaching Certification: your assurance of reliability, safety and exceptional quality

  • With over 320 hours of intensive training and practical experience

  • Embracing a unique coaching approach centered around boosting energy level. The higher our energy, the greater our happiness, well-being, and fulfillment in life

  • Benefit from my extensive 20-year track record in successful project management, proven to be invaluable in helping clients achieve their goals

  • Bringing in my solid 10 years of spiritual practices and meditation experience, I effortlessly blend them into my coaching methodology

  • Having earned an EMBA from Kingston, I bring valuable business expertise, startup insights, specializing in enhancing team motivation and energy

  • Count on me to provide structure, inspire through my infectious laughter and optimism, and listen attentively to what's left unsaid
Here are some notable advantages of choosing to work with me
Throughout my life, my focus was entirely on my studies and career, as those were the milestones I considered most important.

I believed that if I worked hard and achieved success in those areas, everything else would fall into place somehow. At the time, I didn't fully understand the significance of other aspects of life.
I was willing to push myself to extremes, sacrificing my health and well-being to accomplish my goals. I would go to work even when I could barely muster the strength to get out of bed, and I frequently fell ill. Doubts about my relationships and my life's purpose began to emerge, leading me on a search for answers and guidance through the books.

During this period, a life-altering event occurred - I had a severe accident that resulted in the total loss of my car. This experience shook me to my core, making me realize that life doesn't always go as planned, and time is not something we can take for granted.

I also came to the realization that my previous coping mechanisms were no longer effective. I found myself in a state of total confusion, feeling completely lost and unsure of what steps to take next.
It was during this turbulent time that I made the difficult decision to end my marriage and start an MBA program. Looking for comfort and guidance during my inner struggles, I delved into practices such as breathing techniques, meditation, and tantra. I became part of a warm and nurturing women's community, where we shared authentic connections, empowering practices, and mutual support.

Through this transformative journey, I began to uncover my true self. I found a job that aligned with my core values and met a wonderful man who would later become my partner. We jointly made the decision for me to move to the Netherlands, embracing new opportunities and experiences.

Surprisingly, it was my husband who played a crucial role in helping me discover my passion and begin a path as a women's coach. Witnessing the spark in the eyes of women who discoverd what makes their hearts sing and revealed their true purpose brings immense fulfillment. Seeing their progress and achievements fills me with joy and gratitude.

I am deeply grateful to the women who have allowed me to be part of their unique and valuable journeys. Their openness and trust have enriched my life in countless ways.
Freja Nørgaard Thomasen
Life coaching with Olga has been this years best investment for me.Through coaching I have learned so much about myself and my values. I've discovered my spiritual self which I didn't see the importance of before, but which I now understand the power and value of. I have an understanding of which things I should prioritze, as they represent my core-values and by acting on them I will create so much more happiness and satisfaction in my life. I've grown more personally in the last few months than I have the done for years.

The sessions with Olga has been highlights of my week, as Olga was there when I went through a hard time. Olga has been great throughout the past months! I quickly realized how well she was at listening to me, as she not only heard what I said, but also the things I was unable to put into words.

I can't help but think that the time with Olga, my lessons with her and non the least the work I've done on and within myself, is the reason that I could handle the whirlwind in my life, the way I was able to this time.
I'm ever so grateful to Olga, the work she has done with me and the time together. Thank you!
Liliya Sitdigullina
I think of you often, especially lately. I am overflowing with gratitude towards you.
Yesterday, I had my first performance as a dancer on stage. I wouldn't have had the courage to do it without our sessions and your "magical push".
 Thank you! You're incredible! The work you do is very important, like an investment that fuels lifelong growth and development!
Beti Abate van Kemenade
I am happy to share my recent experience with Olga as my life coach.
She is a blessing to me. I never had a life coach before, but it was in my mind for a long time. As soon as I joined the group, I saw her post offering to try out a session. I didn’t hesitate and took my chance. When I met her I was full of ideas and inspiration, but I didn’t know how and where to start. Meeting Olga changed that. We had a very warm connection from the beginning. She is a great and smart listener who picks up on the smallest details of my story and asks the right questions to give me direction. She is also a great motivator and helps me set achievable goals for each session. I am especially grateful for how she motivated me to get started on a portfolio displaying my home design work. Presenting it to her was incredibly rewarding, not because I met my goal for that week, but because her response was just so warm and honest. I am so happy that I tried the free session with Olga, and that she still is my coach today.
For those of you who feel stuck, maybe because you are trying to find your way in a foreign country, I recommend trying a session with Olga, because for me it was life changing!🙏
Laurie A. Santos
I had the honor and pleasure of coaching with Olga Kulikova last year. She is a very healing coach just by the energy she has. She is very loving, calm, peaceful and always remembers the coaching session is about you and your needs. She asks the best, open-ended questions that really get you thinking and tapping into your intuition leading you to your answers.
I highly recommend Olga Kulikova because she cares for your best interest and wants you to succeed. She is a highly trained coach and knows her stuff! She also has a great laugh and makes you feel very safe to coach with her. Coaching is fun with Olga Kulikova, reflective, and powerful.
I loved coaching with Olga and if you’re looking for a good coach, she’s worth the investment! Thank you Olga Kulikova.
Nariman Aga-Tagiyev
Olga helps me to understand myself better and get more clarity about what stopping me on the way to my goal. She helped me to find answers and solutions by asking loaded questions.
The second important thing for me that she helps me to understand the priorities and helps to develop a schedule which matches my goals and values. I came up with new ideas of delegation and partnership to keep myself accountable to continue working on my goal.
She has a project manager background what also helps to plan the time to follow up the tasks implementation on weekly basis and find the right tools and strategies for reaching my goals.
Olaf Buys
Olga participated in one of my Personal Leadership Programs. In our follow-up session Olga shared that she is also a certified coach now. When I heard about an Energy Leadership Assessment my curiosity was triggered.

In the session in which we discussed the outcome of the assessment I was impressed by the knowledge of Olga about this specific topic. She was extremely well prepared and her approach was calm and concise.
All in all it was an joyful and inspiring experience 😉. Thanks again Olga!
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    Congratulations on making the big decision to start meaningful changes in your life!
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    Starting on a path of transformation can be scary, but it’s also incredibly exciting and motivating. Imagine where you aspire to be in a few months. Ready to dive in? I’m looking forward to our meeting and discover more about you!
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