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I strongly believe that we are presented with what we truly need in life at the right time. From my experience during tantra training, I learned that you enter a session with a specific request or desire, but you come out with the outcome that genuinely aligns with your authentic request. It's not something fabricated in your mind but rather what you're genuinely prepared to accept at that moment.

In general, I can say that my desires usually coincide with my genuine needs because I don't typically struggle to achieve them. Particularly when the outcome depends mostly on me, I simply make a plan, take action, and get things done. Or if it involves my husband, I express my desire, and we find a way to sort things out! 🙂

However, not all our intentions solely rely on us. Let's take relationships, for example. It's challenging to imagine approaching someone and saying, "Hey, I've been practicing yoga every morning for the past six months, revamped my wardrobe and style, mastered cooking, even bought men's slippers based on expert's recommendations, and observed you. You're the one for me!" Then whisking them away to our own little den. That would indeed be something... 🙂

After my divorce, it took over six years before my husband and I started our relationship. Looking back, I now understand that it couldn't have happened any sooner. But at that time, I took various actions, and there were moments when I reached a breaking point and thought, "Screw it all, I'm done." Going on dates wasn't the most enjoyable experience for me🙂. I was content being on my own, and I had lost faith in the possibility of having a relationship in my life. This approach was completely the opposite extreme.

I've also heard a theory that when we want something so badly, the universe energetically perceives it as if we already have it. I can't say for sure how true it is, but it supports the notion of letting go of the situation🙂.

Now, here's the question: How can active women like me release a situation without reaching the point of saying, "Screw it all"?🙂 I also believe that God (or Higher Powers) always support, but we still need to take action, just like buying a lottery ticket. Just sitting around and waiting for things to happen isn't always helpful.

So, where is the balance between taking action and letting go of the situation? It's definitely something worth thinking about, don't you agree?

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