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You might find it surprising, but it was actually thanks to my husband that I became a coach.. When we met, I had already been practicing mandala dance, exploring energy practices and exploring the dynamics of male-female relationships. He wasn't scared off by any of that 🙂🙂🙂 I'm still amazed by his courage... I guess I captivated him with my irresistible charm and stunning looks😊🙂 Then, at some point, when I had already moved to the Netherlands, my husband said to me:⁠

"Why don't you start doing this professionally yourself? You're so interested in all of this!"⁠

And, predictably, I responded: "Well, I don't know, what exactly would I do? Maybe I won't be able to do it, maybe it won't work out for me, I've never done this before!"⁠

On the same day, he found three coaching schools for me and said, "Here are three good schools, and one of them, I think, would be perfect for you."⁠

I started reading about the one that seemed most suitable, and I got goosebumps. I liked everything—the program, the people, the atmosphere, everything related to human energy, and the fact that I could try one module and decide whether to continue or not. And everything quickly fell into place, money was found, and time as well. Of course, I continued my studies!⁠

I shared my story to inspire you to ask your loved ones about your strengths. This is one of the crucial steps when we are searching for our own direction. We often fail to notice the areas where we truly shine because it comes naturally and effortlessly to us. At first, it might even seem like everyone can do it. But our close friends and family notice and appreciate these qualities in us.⁠

This is a delightful exercise because you'll receive a boost of positivity and support, and you'll also gain valuable insights about yourself. Get ready for some pleasant surprises! 🙂

You can take a little step right now towards the long-awaited meaningful changes! All the essential information you need about my free products is already waiting for you below.

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