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What are your thoughts on the phrase "Love yourself"? Or phrases like "You have to love yourself! Love yourself first instead of seeking that love from a partner, parents, etc." It seems like these phrases have been used so frequently that they are becoming irritating to everyone.

Why does this annoyance exist? We decided to start a new life with self-love as a requirement, beginning from the upcoming Monday. But now that Monday has arrived, I'm unsure about what I should actually do. The confusion hinders any meaningful changes, yet I keep hearing the same phrase everywhere... we should, we should, we should. And naturally, I find myself wondering: Have I genuinely started loving myself?

"Loving yourself" can mean different things to different people since we all have our own unique perspectives. Let me share with you the things that really helped me during that time.


Taking care of my health has become my top priority. I no longer skip meals even when I'm overloaded with work. If I'm feeling extremely tired, I prioritize getting enough sleep, even if my friends insist on going out. You might think, "Well, that's obvious". But I used to live with the approach "I'll work until I collapse, as long as everyone else is happy." I vividly remember a time when I was sick but still planning to go somewhere. My sister told me, "Every time you say 'Yes' to others in such a situation, you're saying 'No' to yourself". It took me a while to learn how to calmly say 'No' and change my old habits.


Discovering my self-worth and embracing my uniqueness has been an ongoing journey. We all have something special to offer the world. Once I grasped this, I realized that comparing myself to others is pointless. I've explored different paths like astrology, numerology, seeking feedback from friends and colleagues, taking personality tests. Engaging in practices such as tantra and joining women's circles that incorporate mandalas has also been instrumental in my journey. Through these experiences, I learned to value myself and gained clarity about what truly matters. As a result, my confidence grew, and every moment became a source of joy!

For others, self-love could involve self-care and pursuing their hobbies. It might also mean living in accordance with their core values.

What does self-love mean to you?

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